23 March, 2023

Are you confused about which stream to choose and which way to go forward after 10th?

We all face confusion at this part. So here is a little help in choosing the stream based on your natural talents, skills, and interests. Interest indeed plays a prime role in whatever you seek. With interest, the knowledge you gain becomes more integrated into the self.

Let’s start exploring the basics of a bright future. So as we know, there are three main streams to choose from: science, commerce, and the arts.

Let’s visit each stream one by one:

1. Science Stream

Science is known to have intellectuals by its side from the very beginning. But other than intellect, the one thing that science students hold in high regard is curiosity. Curiosity gets reflected in the question of how things work and diving deeper to find the mystery within. Some of the combinations available in the science stream to study the basics are:

  1. PCMB: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology
  2. PCMC: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

With these, Nagarjuna PU College provides several integrated or co-related courses that tend to act as a ticket for further education. These courses include NEET, JEE, CET, and entrance exams like COMED-K and K-CET.

2. Commerce Stream

Commerce is the analytical part of the syllabus. It is the calculative stream related to trade and business aspects. Along with business, it also deals with accounting, which tends to keep a check on financial transactions in an understandable order. Nagarjuna PU College has some incredible combinations for commerce. Some of the basics you need to learn to excel in the commerce field start with the mix you choose from:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Mathematics
  3. Business studies
  4. Accountancy
  5. History
  6. Economics

3. Arts & Humanities Stream

Humanities & Arts tend to be the most creative of the three streams so far. The arts stream is a compilation of things that enhance a unique outlook. It consists of theoretical subjects that help you study your surroundings. Here are some of the subjects you can opt for if you are creative:

  1. Graphic Designing
  2. Architecture
  3. Psychology & Sociology
  4. Philosophy & Economics
  5. Geography
  6. History & Political Science